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 SIngle Numero Uno 


About Us

Embrace Your Passion


 Danni Holland and Jay Crockett make up the force majeure
known as ‘Candy From Strangers’, a delectable blend of
dance/electronica. The New York-based duo focus on developing
sounds that extend far beyond surface value, and create songs
that not only feel good to the ears but also the soul.
For the duo, their aim is to create timeless soundtracks that pair
with the best memories in your life. It’s timeless, it’s fun, and the
same can be said for their energetic and high-octane live
performances. In fact, both of them are no stranger to performing 

Live Life in Song


 Jay has been in marching bands during his younger years, and is now a seasoned hip-hop artist, opening for the likes of Jack’s Mannequin, touring with Kid Is Qual and working on albums with Camp Lo and Ski Beatz.   

Be Inspired by Everything


  Danni began her career in the industry as a model where she was booked for a number of high profile print and commercial campaigns. Her passion for acting also led her to play prominent roles on a range of HBO and New Line Cinema shows. Their combination of cross-disciplinary experiences certainly help mix up the pot, and the result is a fresh spin on the modern dance music. The up-and-coming duo have set the wheels in motion for their debut single titled ‘Dancer’, which will drop this summer. Keep an ear to the ground for more info.