Jay Crockett, also known as Coolhandtrew & Trew is a musician and actor from Prince George, Virginia.  Trew is immersed in a diverse variety of projects, showcasing his eclectic skills in the entertainment industry as an excellent overall performer. He has previously toured with "Kid is Qual", which has captivated audiences with their blend of gritty and upbeat rock music. He is also featured in The Rumor with Erik Scott Smith of the Heidi and Frank show. On top of this, he has also released Hip-Hop music with acclaimed producer Ski Beatz Eric Haywood and Mark Henry, "World's Fault". The project includes songs with some of his favorite musicians, such as Camp Lo, WordsWorth & Ha~Mystique%8. T  Trew, along with business partner D Smith, are CEOs of their own record label company, Clocked Out Records. It is difficult to define Trew’s genre, as he finds inspiration from diverse influences and life events, creating music that defies categoriz