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Music Credits

TV/Movie/Ad/Promo Credits Music


NBA Summer League - Skyline - cOOLHANDTREW

Under the Silver Lake - Love & the stars - Flynever dies (composer: additional music )

Non-Transferable  The Weight Written & Performed by Erik Smith and Jay Crockett (as Tetro) featuring Trew  


Funny Girls  - Bills Bills Bills  - coolhandtrew

 Mardi Gras: Spring Break  Success Written by James Crockett, Vito Colapietro and Neely Dinkins Performed by Trew & The Costars  

MTV Cribs ( Best Of ) Success - Performed by Trew


Acting and Model Credits


Sally Pacholok  - EMT

(Actor)    Jay Crockett

Deadly Affairs 


Dollar General Ad

Army  Dad

Healthy Essentials Ad 

Army Dad

Deadly Affairs

 FBI Agent

Deadly Affairs 

Lead Detective


Anthem Bluecross Blue Shield Call Center Agent

Finance Film New Yorker

FBI Training Video Main Trainer

FBI Training Video Crime Boss